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The most powerful brew that we’ve come up with to date!

In all the world, there are barely a dozen beers that surpass 15% ABV, and we were in the mood to create another surprise. We got to work studying the way to go about it, which turned out to be none other than ‘reverse distilling’: freezing our fermentation tanks and concentrating the sugars. After several months, we managed to produce a beer at 17% alcohol.

Rosita Bomba is a very special beer, exclusive both for its alcohol content and its distinctive sweetness. Already making a name for itself in the US, it’s strong with a light taste of honey and citrus. To fully appreciate its flavour, serve in a small glass with a little ice and a slice of lemon.

Craft beer with a high alcohol content. Fine, elegant bubbles, light in the glass, very subtle cloudiness, despite having undergone several months of fermentation and maturing. To achieve the alcohol content, it has been necessary to change the usual fermentation process; increasing the density of the wort by freezing and removing some of the water. For the fermentation, we have sourced brewer’s yeasts from Denmark that are capable of obtaining these high levels of alcohol.

On the nose, it’s a medley of citrus fruits and hops. In the mouth, it’s fresh, with notes of white flowers and citrus overtones that make it very refreshing despite its high alcohol content. The finish brings a light touch of bitterness that reveals the quality of our specially selected hops.

We recommend serving as a dessert, and the 500ml bottle format is ideal to share after a good meal. Served well chilled, or even with an ice cube and a piece of lime, it will help to refresh the palate and improve digestion. Accompany with a chilled tart, or a sweet, fruity dessert.

Water, malted barley, lemon peel, hops and yeasts.

The new gourmet

Rosita Blue, our new gourmet beer, was born in 2009 at the hands of the Hotel Arts Barcelona, as a high-fermentation beer; refreshing, light in aromas and easy to savour.

It’s a unique product that has been developed by the Hotel Arts’ prestigious chef Paco Pérez and sommeliers David Expósito (Hotel Arts) and Toni Gata (Miramar de Llançà), along with Rosita’s master brewers, Nathalie Lavenu and Jordi Soberà.

Rosita Blue is the result of several months of experimentation with ingredients, until we found the components that would give it its unique and innovative taste: tonka beans and kafir lime.

To make the Hotel Arts’ Rosita Blue, our master brewers have created a new formula that incorporates a refreshing touch of kafir lime. The result is a top-quality beer that is fruity and persistent on the nose and sweet and tantalising in the mouth, leaving your palate with a hint of acidity in the finish.

Clean, golden beer, with fine, evanescent bubbles. In the nose, it releases sweet aromas, revealing the presence of sugar and honey in its composition. In the mouth, it’s light, with unexpected notes of the tonka beans. Rosita Blue is a refreshing beer, ideal to sample on a terrace or by the seaside in summer.

Water, malted barley, honey, hops, tonka beans, kafir lime and yeasts.