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Fresh and light

Tasting notes

With a refined, elegant sparkle, it’s light in the glass, and only very slightly cloudy despite having undergone a second fermentation in the bottle and containing some settled yeast. It looks great in the glass: consistent and with an attractive white head.

The bouquet is a medley of citrus fruits, with orange peel and pulp standing out especially. Also present are aromas of cereals, especially wheat, and of white flowers, giving this beer a wonderful freshness on the nose.

The mouthfeel is light and pleasant, the aftertaste is robust, with a fruity retronasal. The finish leaves you with a hint of bitterness that reveals the quality of our selected hops.

Optimum serving temperature


Ideal as an aperitif, as its freshness and lightness leave you wanting more. This same freshness makes d’Ivori a great pairing for oily fish, but it’s also the perfect accompaniment to shellfish. It also goes well with oily sauces and semi-mature cheeses.


Water, malted barley, wheat, hops, orange peel, coriander and yeasts.


2017 Fruit Wheat Beer of the year. New York International Beer competition 2017 Broncze Medal. New York International Beer competition