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Full of character

Tasting notes

Dark beer with an eye-catching colour reminiscent of caramel or coffee. Dense in the glass and with an elegant sparkle that you can’t fail to notice. Its light brown, ‘café-au-lait’ head is not as persistent as some, due to the presence of the hazelnuts, but it sticks around long enough for us to appreciate and enjoy it.

On the nose, this is one unique beer, the flavour of toasted hazelnuts really standing out, as well as notes of roasted coffee which are ever-present. This is a really unique product that you have to try.

In the mouth, it starts off sweet before the toasted taste of the hazelnuts takes over. The coffee notes are there as well and you’ll notice the sparkle as soon as it enters your mouth. The mouthfeel is light for such a dark beer, but the flavours provided by combining locally-sourced hazelnuts with a good malt are really satisfying. The finish is rich and long.

Optimum serving temperature

7º C


This beer’s structure and flavour open up a whole range of options to experiment with different pairings. Beer with your dessert? As well as being ideal with grilled meat, it goes great with chocolate puddings: chocolate brownie or coulant would be a heavenly combination.


Water, selection of four different malted barleys, locally-sourced hazelnuts from Alcover, hops and yeasts.