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Our Rosita

Tasting Notes

A honey-coloured beer, with a light, elegant sparkle and a certain density in the glass. It has a consistent, creamy, ivory-tinted head, with good persistence. It’s cloudy, due to the presence of the second fermentation yeast. It has a complex and very fruity bouquet, with a lot of the infused grain coming through, as well as notes of banana and red apple, and subtle hints of molasses and toast. In the mouth, it’s sweet and tantalising at first, before the full aromatic volume comes through with a full and dense mouthfeel.

The notes of toasted grain and hints of honey and of ripe fruit now in full splendour, a pleasing acidity ensures that the mouthfeel is never too heavy and allows us to enjoy its full complexity.

The aftertaste is elegant, with a light bitterness, subtly reminiscent of balsamic, which leaves the mouth feeling clean and very fresh, without clinging or cloying. We recommend that you drink it cold, but not too cold, since very low temperatures will detract from the flavour.

Optimum serving temperature

5º / 7º C


Ideal as an aperitif. Its subtle bitterness and fruitiness make it ideal for ingredients that are difficult to pair: green asparagus, artichokes, salads, grilled vegetables, escargots (whether with sauce, boiled, or ‘a la llauna’ – a traditional Catalan style of baking in a tin or pan). It also goes well with white meat and oily fish. That said, its best pairing is with the peace and tranquillity to enjoy it, with good company and even better conversation. As with everything in life: the best things are made to be shared!


Water, malted barley, honey, hops and yeasts.


2010 One of the world best beers. Ben McFarland 2012 Mejor cerveza artesanal de España. Premios Sabrosía 2014 Bronze Medal. Alltech Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup