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Playful and exotic

Tasting notes

Visual: Ivory-coloured head, creamy and fairly persistent. Golden-amber colour with an orange tinge. A robust beer, with fine bubbles.

Bouquet: Subtle but exotic nose, where spices (coriander and ginger) mix against a background of smooth and elegant notes of toasted malt. Finally, gentle hints of citrus peel come through, along with the herbiness of the hop flower.

Taste: On entry, it’s smooth but intense, with broad notes of spices against a background of ripe fruit (notably apricots) on the retronasal. The malts used give a weighty, unctuous mouthfeel, and the aftertaste is mellow and balanced.

Optimum serving temperature

4º / 6 º C


Beer-steamed mussels, fresh parsley, black pepper and bell peppers (capsicums). Cod loin on a purée base with coriander oil. Roast poularde, caramelised with puréed dried fruit (dates, figs, raisins) and steamed potatoes.


Water, malted barley, wheat, hibiscus flower, ginger, lemon, hops and yeasts.