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Goes best with good company

Tasting notes

High-fermentation Irish Red Ale. With a light taste and easy to drink, it enters smooth and aromatic and gives way to flavours of the countryside and of forest flowers. Its good acidity makes for a light mouthfeel and allows us to appreciate its full complexity. Its aftertaste is elegant, with a subtle and delicate bitterness that leaves the mouth clean and fresh.

Optimum serving temperature

5º / 7 º C


Ideal to accompany any kind of purée or cream of vegetables, cold or hot. Its subtle bitterness, along with its aromas of fresh flowers, make it a great partner for any light starter. That said, its best pairing is with the peace and quiet to enjoy it, with good company and better conversation. Like everything in life: the best things are to be shared!


Water, selection of malted barleys, hibiscus flower, hops and yeasts.


2016 Bronze Medal. Dublin Craft Beer Cup