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Bold and daring

Tasting notes

In the world of IPAs (India Pale Ales), the white IPA is a less bitter, more refreshing variant, which makes for easier drinking and a more relaxing experience. The combination of malted barley, wheat and oats lend a more transparent, more brilliant colour to this blonde beer, with fine, elegant bubbles, very light in the glass and ever-so-slightly cloudy. It’s attractive when served, with a consistent, white head.

Its bouquet is slightly more acidic due to the botanics we use (notably juniper berries) and finally you’ll discover pleasant aromas of white flowers.

Enters light and fresh, with those notes of white flowers that we found in its bouquet. The juniper comes through more in the finish, which leaves us with its characteristic refreshing flavour.

Optimum serving temperature

4º / 6° C


Ideal as an aperitif. Its acidity and bitterness make it the perfect accompaniment to any kind of seafood, especially oysters, clams, cockles and mussels. It also marries well with romesco sauce (a regional speciality), making it an indispensable part of any menu offering these dishes. That said, its best pairing is with the peace and quiet to enjoy it, with good company and better conversation. Like everything in life: the best things are to be shared!


Water, malted barley, wheat, botanics, juniper, hops and yeasts.


2015 Silver Medal. Dublin Craft Beer Cup