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Just enjoy it

Tasting notes

Toasted beer whose intense colour includes hints of caramel. This is a beer with just the right amount of fizz. Bearing in mind its alcohol content of 7% ABV, it’s designed to be enjoyed slowly. Although it’s difficult to pin down, we might consider that it falls into the broad category of ‘stout or strong lager’. It has a persistent, ivory-tinted head which hints at this beer’s full body and its lingering, intense bitterness. We find notes of cereals, yeast, a certain herbiness, as well as nuts.

On the nose, it’s a unique beer, since its notes of toasted cereals are predominant throughout. In the mouth, it starts off sweet before the toasted flavour comes through, and you’ll notice the sparkle as soon as it enters your mouth. The mouthfeel is light despite being a toasted beer, but the overall sensation is the satisfaction of a really good malt. The finish is long and luscious.

Optimum serving temperature

5º / 7 º C


It’s a beer to be savoured slowly. Its structure and flavour offer us a whole range of pairing options, but it goes especially well with hot, spicy or acidic dishes, and also with barbecued meat or vegetables and with blue cheese.


Water, selection of five different malted barleys, sugar, hops and yeasts.


2013 Silver Medal. Dublin Craft Beer Cup